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   i know that your report -- i think all of you have hit on this. that our response to the traditional financing of al qaeda as the professor outlined, our response was sanctions and restrictions on proper banking practices and things like that, anti money laundering statutes. but the way that isis is operating now, they are internally generating this revenue. so they're not relying on principally on qatar and saudi arabia. so we have to get at the oil revenue. i understand, professor, in your report that you indicate the second largest source of revenue for isis is the selling of antiquities. but that's -- i think they will exhaust that at some point. it's the oil that is going to be -- if they are going to have a sustainable system here, an
   hospital bed in beijing. how are you feeling physically? >> i was feeling pretty bad earlier. now it is -- it has become just a cough. before i was feverish and coughing and sneezing a lot. >> reporter: noreen is testing negative for swine flu and says she's looking forward to being leased soon. also looking forward to the story she will tell her classmate when school starts. >> a little funny. mine, i'm going to be able to go home and tell my friends that i had swine flu while i was in china. telling people, dramatic. >> reporter: the trip was sponsored by the con unusual us institute of maryland and paid for by the chinese government. the parents tell me the chinese government is also pay for the hospitalization and also making sure that the kids are in separate rooms as well. they are also offering to extend the trip if the kids decide they
   but go ahead, that is one of my questions. >> i knew you'd want to ask it. what you'll see is a conservative speaker, that takes a conservative congresses that puts a strategy to win. everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened. >> i agree. i give you credit for sequestrati sequestration, i'll give you credit where credit is due. but here's what every conservative wants to know. >> yes. >> are you willing to defund obamacare and use your constitutional authority? are you willing to use the power of the purse to defund planned parenthood? will you use the power of the purse to stop the power grab of
   >> we are so, so happy to hear that. we send good thoughts, prayers and wishes to you in your continued recovering. you also go by mac, i know. tell us, what inspired you to get involved with this? you had no obligation to help. but you certainly stepped up and did something pretty amazing. >> well, i seen a documentary on people that have kidney disease and people that are going through dialysis. and i have been a long-time unitarian, universalist whose basic principle is service-oriented type of church. after doing research online and finding that my life wouldn't change much with the donation of a kidney, discussing it with my family and my wife, who was originally not that excited about the whole process, i decided that i would sign up with matching and just go through the process. the likelihood of a total stranger meeting all the criteria to be able to donate a kidney was pretty slim anyway.
   this country now and most of them are post 9/11 iraq and afghanistan veterans. so there are a lot of companies out there. >> pop a lock national, what's that? >> so this is a franchise opportunity. i've brought a lot of these franchises to the show because think give deep discounts. many of the veterans i talk to, they want to be home, in their hometown and don't want to have to move to find a job. the operating officers of the country is a veteran. it's a locksmith company. but there's mechanical skills are great for frenchs and you inn your own franchise, which i like, obviously. >> number two on the list, spectrum health. >> this is paid internships. basically, they bring you in.
   historic visit. it airs at 8:00 tomorrow night right here on abc 7 news. leon: new problems for donald trump. hedates back to a move tt ordered for his golf course in loudoun county five years ago. jeff is live with the calls for donald trump to make amends. jeff: it involves removing trees and donald trump said it has had great benefit to members here at his club. opponents were left shaking their heads and taking action. from riley's lock in poolesville, maryland, one portion of the virginia shoreline of the potomac river looks different from the rest. >> very noticeably baron on the other side right there. not good. >> five years ago, donald trump
   zero heartburn. >>> my favorite story of the morning. >> this is your shout of the morning. we all know the famous line from "dazed and confused." >> all right, all right, all right. how you doing? >> i love that movie. >> now you can meet einstein, the parrot. this could be the best matthew mcconaughey impression ever. >> all right, all right, all right. all right, all right. all right, all right. >> his owner says she started mimicking mcconaughey after watching him accept the oscar for "dallas buyers club." like matthew mcconaughey, almost never wears a shirt. >> the parrot's so chill. that's what i like about matthew. so laid back. water off a duck's back. a parrot's back. >> we all love him after he accepted that award. it was an oscar, right, for
   favorite star of 2014. now the contenders a couple of real talkers. there was this guy. and i mean real talkers seriously. >> what? what? >> what? >> no. >> what? >> he wants to knowwhat? there was also einstein. who was channelling matthew mcconaughey. >> all right, all right. >> one more time. >> all right, all right. >> all right, all right, there you go. and then there was elmo, the canine thief. the dog. >> this was good. >> who -- instead of sharing. >> he has no problem doing this. >> oh! >> we love you so much elmo. >> and finally the cat. i couldn't let it go. one more time. >> skimlbles! you can do it! go! >> poor skimbles. >> he wasn't close.
   encounter with a shark. >> that's a hammerhead you're looking at that. >> all that -- >> coming inches away from being crushed. he comes out of this unscathed. >> check out the einstein parrot